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Narlo is a Brazilian born Chef who has been cooking professionally since her early age. 

Narlo is a Brazilian-born chef who has been cooking professionally since an early age. She came to the United States on July 4th, 2004. After a brief stay in Michigan, she went on to teach private cooking classes in Texas and worked as a private chef in LA before returning to Michigan.


After working in several Southwest Michigan restaurants, Chef Narlo opened Savors & Secrets to bring delightful food that you don't eat every day to your table. She is excited to be able to bring a taste of Brazil and the best of what her mother country has to offer into your home. Chef Narlo also brings you the flavor of her travels through Italian, Mediterranean, and American cuisines.


She delights in using fresh, locally-sourced, vibrant produce that will tempt your palate. Having lived in Michigan for nearly 10 years, Chef Narlo has sources for exceptional meat and specialty foods to create a memorable dining experience for you.


Chef Narlo: “When I'm working, I'm in heaven. I love the smell of every dish I prepare, the colors, and the beauty of a very good presentation. To me, the best compliment I can receive is to hear someone doing that sound: ‘HUMMMMMMMM!’ My soul says: YES! You did it again!”


Captivate your palate with tasty dishes like handmade pasta, fresh fish and seafood, savory meat, colorful vegetables, and flavorful baked goods. Chef Narlo prides herself on creating delicious and unexpected dishes for those with dietary restrictions: vegetarian, gluten-free, low carb, and keto. Food is love. Everyone at your table will feel the love Chef Narlo puts in every bite of your special meal.


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