We work at our customers’ location, preparing a special and delicious meal while they enjoy the company of their guests.


We also provide the option of delivering a full meal at their home or office. Cooking Classes too! If for any reason a customer needs an upgrade on their cooking skills or simply want to learn how to prepare a new recipe, we are here to help.


We may provide a flavorful and charming selection of cocktail style, finger foods or mini plates according to choice and preferences.

Our gourmet dishes are elegantly prepared to deliver delightful and visually appealing food to help to create an unforgettable affair.

We work with vegan, gluten, and lactose-free options as needed.




There are some moments in life that only a cake may translate the joy of the moment.


We make cakes of any kind: Birthday, wedding and corporate events cakes. Our cakes match the parties’ theme and decoration upon request.